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I think looking at perfectly displayed makeup is my favourite pastime. It just fills me with joy! I’ve spent a while perfecting my makeup collection, so I thought I’d (finally!) share the results with you. My makeup table is this dreamy mint Mid-Century number from West Elm, which I’ve paired with their brass hexagon mirror. If you remember, I had a big white dressing table from IKEA previously, so choosing something much smaller and brighter was a bold move! I’m really happy I chose mint instead of white, it’s so refreshing and it looks great with the brass. I also have some IKEA Alex drawers along the other wall, which hold a lot of my makeup. I’ve filled these and my dressing table with MUJI drawer dividers to make use of the space, so it’s easy to find everything! It looks very neat and organised… basically, I start panting when I look at it. My lipstick drawer is overflowing, but I promise this is as streamlined as I can do it! I just love lipstick… okay, I love all makeup. I am a makeup hoarder. I know it’s not technically *makeup* (is it? Nail polish isn’t makeup, is it? No, it’s not. Okay, case closed) but I included a sneaky shot of my Essie drawer. If you don’t have a whole drawer purely for Essie polishes, then what’s the point? What’s this all been about? Seriously though, I could look at it all day. I’ve filmed a full collection video for you, so you can watch that here, but I wanted to include some snaps on here too. It’s fun to do both! Also, if you’re looking for some makeup storing tips, I have a video on that here! It’s one of my favourite videos ever! What do you think of my setup?

Find containers around your home. You don’t necessarily have to buy new makeup storage. You can find containers around your home that can act as excellent storage for your makeup. Bring all of these over to your makeup. If you end up not using them, you can put them back. Clear mason jars are great containers to hold items like makeup brushes. Spice racks can be great makeup organizers, because they can display your makeup in tiers so that you can see all of your products clearly. Ice cube trays are great organizational systems for small compact makeup items such as individual eye shadows. Silverware drawer organizers are also great for storing makeup because they have multiple compartments. If you can afford it, go to your dollar store to get a tray with dividers.

Organize your makeup by brand if you are a professional makeup artist. If you are a professional makeup artist, you probably have the entire collection of some makeup brands. Make subcategories of brand as you are organizing. For example, still categorize by type of makeup, but put all Mac lipsticks together, all Urban Decay lipsticks together, all Clinique lipsticks together, etc. Your clients often will want their makeup done using one brand. If you also categorize by brand, this will help you find the products your client wants to use.

When you find a lipstick formula that's creamy, pigmented, and long-wearing, do you buy every color? Do you have every Urban Decay palette from Naked to Gwen Stefani to Electric? Do you have more eye and lip liners than pens and pencils in your home? If you can relate to any of these, you might be a beauty junkie, and we know your struggles. It can be a challenge to find space for all your beloved beauty products, and keeping it all organized is another problem entirely. Luckily, YouTuber Jamie Paige Beauty has some great tips on making an ideal makeup battle station. After you see her impressive collection, read on for the best ways to organize your beauty shrine. Purchase a vanity with a lot of drawers. If you can't find one, many beauty vloggers custom create one using Ikea Alex drawers. Invest in acrylic makeup organizers to keep your favorite products easy to find and in plain sight. Use vertical storage to save counter space on your vanity. These lipstick towers fit 84 lipsticks while taking up minimal space. Use decorative mugs and cups to hold your favorite eyeliners and small brushes. Keep your daily essentials and the new products you want to test out front and center. Store makeup remover on your vanity to clean up any messes and touch up your makeup. Use Ikea Socker plant holders to hold eyeliners and brushes. Rely on plant filler beads to make your smaller brushes stand up straight. Put your favorite products in your top drawers, organized by type. Organize the rest of your drawers by type of product. Use boxes within drawers to separate and organize your makeup. Depotting into a Z-palette is a great way to save space if you have a lot of single eye shadows.

Makeup collections can quickly get out of hand. When you are getting ready in the morning, the last thing you want is not to be able to find your favorite product among the clutter. Organizing your collection should begin with discarding any old or rarely used products. You also should consider buying a case or makeup organizer if you don’t own one already. Then all that remains is to categorize your collection so you know exactly where to look to find the product you’re looking for. Do this and your makeup collection will become a point of interest in your room, rather than a disorganized mess!

Take a picture of your makeup before shopping. If you don’t have a good enough makeup storage system at your home, you will need to buy some containers. Before going out to purchase them, take a picture of your makeup, and of the separate categories you have created. Write down the specific categories of makeup that you don’t have room for. For instance, if you don't have enough room for lipstick, write down "Lipstick" and take a picture so you can remember about how much you have.

Have separate sections for eye products, lip products and face products. When you are doing your makeup, you generally work on one area of your face at a time, so having your makeup organized by eyes, lips and face will make the process of applying makeup easier. Eye shadows in individual packaging are best organized in small, shallow compartments. Put your mascaras and other eye products in a compartment next to your shadows and liners. This way you only have one place to look when you are doing your eye makeup. Put face products like foundation, concealer, powder, blush and bronzer in the same area in your organizer. Since many of these products are in pans or are free-standing, they work best in wide, shallow containers. Put all your lip products together. Lipstick is best displayed upright in deep compartments, or laid flat in trays. Also put any products like lipliner or lipgloss next to your lipsticks.

Lay out all makeup. This will help you transfer items into the containers. Place makeup items into containers. Put your brushes in the cup/can (bristles facing upward) and then divide your makeup into sections.Doing the dividing will help you not have to dig through things. Also, you can put hair ties in other sections if wanted. Also pins, clips ties ect. Put foundations, powders, and concealers in one section. That way, you will have them at hand without having to dig through your makeup. Put mascaras and eyeliners in another section. This will help tremendously because you will have all products in one place. Put lip products in one section. It's good to have all of these products separated so you don't have to dig around or if you leave a product open, it won't get on another. Put eye pallets in another section. If you have any other products that I have not mentioned, divide them up and put them into sections also.

Put your makeup back after you use it. Now that you have organized your collection, do your best to maintain it. Even if you’re in a hurry, always put your makeup items back in their proper place. This can save you the headache of reorganizing later, and it will make your makeup collection look impeccable!

Make sure the containers fit your needs. If you need storage for your blushes and powder, don’t buy a container meant to store small items like eye shadows or lipsticks. Refer to the pictures that you took of your makeup. See what items you need to store, and then find containers that are built for these items. Containers with deep, narrow compartments are best for lipsticks and eyeliners so the product can stand upright. Wide, shallow containers are good for items like blush, bronzer or powders. Small, shallow containers are well suited for individual eyeliners. You can often find acrylic organizers that have a variety of compartments meant for different makeup items.